Five new players join Inter Miami / new players list of inter miami / foodball update news



Argentina's foodbal king Lionel Messi joins Inter Miami after saying goodbye to Europe.

American football has changed with the arrival of Messi.

Inter Miami haswon Messi with reputation.

Along with Messi, footballers are joining Inter Miami one after another.

Now the names of five more stars have been added to that list.


First on the list is the name of Ramus.


 Ramus expressed his desire to play with Messi.


Messi is our role model, I feel blessed to play with him in his team.

Maria is number two on the list.


 World champion Maria could join Inter Miami at the end of the season.


Maria said there have been talks with Inter Miami.


Willing to go to Miami if the deal goes through.



Messi's former friend Neymar is number three in the list.


Messi says he has regular contact with Neymar.


 Neymar has expressed his desire to play with me next season.

Messi also said, Neymar is my good friend.


We stay together and have a good communication.


 Now I expressed my wish that Neymar can play with me if he wants.


Neymar's contract with Al Hilal has been terminated due to a foot injury, so Neymar is now looking for a new club.


Mudris is fourth in the list,


Madrid says everyone wants to stay away from me, even Messi.


Mudris says,

 If the conditions are right, I want to end my football career with Messi.

Anmerni Nesta is fifth in the list.


Anmarin played together with Resta Messi at Barcelona.

Inter Miami also made a brief announcement about Anmarinresta.


Dear foot ball lovers, if indeed these five stars join Inter Miami,


Have you thought about what is going to happen next season?

Comment your valuable opinion.

United States club Inter Miami has confirmed that Anmarinresta will play for Inter Miami.


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